Anomalous Dataset

This page contains anomalous sitations of 3 subjects while cooking five different recipes. The anomalous situations are:

(1) While cooking the sandwich there is a sudden fire and smoke appears.

(2) While cooking the pizza suddenly there is a robbery in the house. There
is a confrontation between the thief and the subject cooking. There are
knifes and baseball bat.

(3) While cooking the omelet (i.e. eggs) the cook gets distracted reading
the newspaper and the saucepan catches on fire and smoke appears. The subject
cooking burns his finger when putting out the sauce pan.

(4) While cooking the brownie somebody calls and the subject gets distracted
and confuses the oil with the detergent.

(5) While cooking the salad there are few ingredients that are missing,
falling dishes, ...

This data is free for use in research projects.
You may include this data in commercially-sold products, but you may not resell this data directly, even in converted form.

ALL S15X S26X S27X

Brownie Eggs Pizza Salad Sandwich

Subject Recipe

Six Cameras
(1 Onboard 5 Static)
Environmental Microphones
Four Wireless IMU's Five Wired IMU's Motion Capture RFID (iBracelet) eWatch BodyMedia
Subject 15X
Salad - -
Subject 26X
Salad - -
Subject 27X
Salad - -

If you wish to obtain the uncompressed images email to coordinate shipping us a disk.

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