Q: What kind of data provide us IMUs?
A: The IMU provide us three different kinds of data, Acceleration (g), Angular Rate (degrees/sec) and Magnetic Field (Gauss) experimented in three orthogonal axis.

Q: How can I obtain the uncompressed images?
A: Send an e-mail to jkh+mocap@cs.cmu.edu to coordinate shipping us a disk and then return it to you.

Q: What's the sampling rate of the IMU's?
A: The sampling rate is 125Hz for the wired IMUs and 62Hz for the bluetooth IMUs.

Device information

POINT GREY Flea2 Cameras Download | Website
eWatch Download | Website
Behringer Studio condenser microphone Download
SparkFun IMU 6 Degrees of Freedom v4 Download
MicroStrain IMU 3DM-GX1 Download
Intel iBracelet (RFID)Download
Bodymedia BMSDownload

For more information see the technical report.
This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. EEEC-0540865.